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Conflict doesn't have to last.

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End Your Conflicts (EYC), LLC is a conflict-resolution firm located in Maryland and was founded by Omar Battle to help youth, adults, families, communities, and organizations resolve conflicts through peaceful, non-adjudicative, alternative-dispute-resolution (ADR) processes. EYC also offers conflict-resolution training, education, and coaching to individuals and organizations that will empower them to prevent and manage conflict. Services available online throughout the USA and internationally.

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Conflict damages or destroys relationships and organizations. Turn conflict and confrontation into collaboration.

Business Consulting Services

End the conflicts, the roadblocks, that prevent your business and your teams from growing, with executive coaching, guidance on building effective teams, and more!

Large-group Facilitation

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When opposing groups of people are brought together and dialogue is properly facilitated, healing, understanding, and problem-solving begin.

Virtual Conflict Coaching

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With one-on-one conflict coaching you receive virtual sessions and a custom program to develop skills and strategies for resolving your specific conflict situation.

Workplace Conflict-resolution Training

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When conflict is left unchecked, workplace culture becomes toxic and inhospitable. Prevent and mitigate workplace conflict.


During my company's Zoom mediation, Omar was very professional. He laid our a clear path for all parties to follow . . .

Kyle H.

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