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Online Teaching
Develop communication and conflict-resolution skills with a virtual conflict coach.

A conflict coach works with you one-on-one to help you develop skills and strategies to better communicate or resolve interpersonal conflicts in your life. In addition to basics, your program is customized specifically for you. Your conflict coach is your wingman, always there to guide you. Done online, you can be coached from anywhere.

What is conflict coaching?

Conflict coaching is a one-on-one process between a conflict-resolution professional and someone experiencing conflict with another person. The coachee attends private sessions with the coach to talk about their conflict and develop an approach to discussing and resolving it with the other person. The skills and strategies learned may help the coachee resolve future conflicts with other people as well.

The coach is not committed to being an antagonist of the other person. So depending on the situation, the coach may also help the coachee understand things from the other person's perspective and help them realize how they, too, might be contributing to the conflict.

Conflict coaching can also be done with both people present, such as two friends, family members, co-workers, or spouses. The coach will conduct private sessions with both people together and help them develop skills and strategies to better communicate and improve their interactions.

The conflict coach is not a therapist, family or marriage councilor.

A customized coaching program may include:
(1) Role play
(2) Rehearsed conversations
(3) Assignments
(4) Learning materials

Learn on the Go:
You will be able to attend your virtual sessions and access assignments from anywhere.
Digital nomad
Working on Rooftop
Texting on Mobile Phone
Your coach is your wingman:
Your conflict coach will be there for you, to follow up on how well the strategies implemented worked. You can ask questions and ask for further guidance when needed.
Remote Working

Slots are limited so coachees can receive the personal attention needed for success.

What is the cost? The cost for a one-hour session of conflict coaching is $310. If two people within a relationship are being coached together, the cost for a one-hour session of conflict coaching is $410.

If you want to set up a month-to-month program, the cost will be $1200 for each month. You will meet with your coach once a week for 45 minutes to an hour, online. You will have access to your coach after sessions via messaging, course materials, and assignments to continue your learning throughout the week. The coach may also set up 10 to 15-minute phone calls throughout the week to discuss progress.

What days and times will sessions take place? The schedule is customized based on your availability and your coach's.

Do I have to have a conflict situation going on with a person to sign up? No, if you just want to learn conflict-resolution skills, you can still sign up.

How long can I do a month-to-month program? It can be for as many months as you want.

Questions? Contact EYC for more details.

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