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Workplace conflict destroys organizations. Stop it with conflict-resolution training for your workforce.

Workplace conflict-resolution training prepares employees, staff, and management to better handle and resolve conflicts, to foster healthy workplace culture.

Why is training in workplace conflict-resolution important?
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It is commonplace for resistance to change; communication gaps; personality differences; substandard performance; disputes over approaches, responsibility and authority; lack of cooperation; power abuses; or unclear performance standards to result in workplace conflict. If conflict is left unchecked, workplace culture becomes toxic and inhospitable, causing disruptions in workflow, high turnover, and reputational damage to the organization.

EYC conducts training to help employees, staff, and management prevent and mitigate conflict, on-site or virtually.

Benefits of workplace conflict-resolution training:

(1) Reduced turnover

(2) Reduced stress for employees, staff, and management

(3) Healthier workplace culture

(4) Less disruptions in workflow

(5) Increased employee morale

(6) Less fires for management to put out


Training may cover conflict resolution; communication skills; difficult conversations; diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Contact EYC for more details.

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